International Mail

Sending Parcels

Send mail or packages to recipients abroad. We ship regionally as well as internationally.

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Receiving Parcels

A notification is mailed to the addressee informing that the parcel is ready to be collected. The parcel can be collected at the counter, or delivery is also an option at an extra cost. A handling fee is charged at the counter when collecting the parcel.

Express Mail / Parcels

This mail service offers customers a fast, affordable, and trackable alternative for urgent matters.

Registered Mail

Registered mail can be sent internationally with its personalized tracking number. The cost for registered mail depends on weight and destination.

Parcel Post

Parcel posts are mailed locally and internationally. Cost per parcel is dependent on weight and destination.

Address Change or Redirection

Customers can choose to relocate without the daunting added stress of losing mail. Be sure to update your address information when you move for residential or commercial purposes to ensure your mail follows you.

Need Help?

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