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Rolex Submariner 5512 vs 5513 - What type In the event you Get?Vintage RolexVintage Rolex isn't a hype, it can be not going anywhere. It can do have waves though and thus perform prices of a number of the models. Today, a double red Sea-Dweller is less expensive that it was after some duration ago, but also in general, you can declare that most of the vintage Rolex sports models are a solid 'investment'. I never lost funds on a (vintage) Rolex. I bought my first Rolex GMT-Master 1675 for 1800 Euro in 2003 and created a great profit brand new show after (included in a trade to get a more costly piece). However, after i wanted one again, I need to to pay up around 4500 Euro in 2013 for a similar reference 1675. Now, in 2016, you might have at the very least to bring 6 or 7K Euro for just a nice 1675.Rolex Submariner 5512 and 5513Anyway, let's assume you're in the important for the vintage Rolex sports model, a Submariner. The icon of Rolex and even perhaps the mother of modern sports and dive replica watches. I picked the Submariner 5512 and Submariner 5513 references, the ancestors of today's Submariner 116610LN and 114060 (no date).The vintage Submariner having a date is reference 1680 and are - apart from the version using the red writing about the dial - less popular than the 5512 and 5513 no-date models. Perhaps the cyclops (date magnifier) continues to be a thorn in the flesh of many collectors around. As the title with this post gave it away already, it really is 5512 versus 5513. Let's go.Rolex Submariner 5513Long Production RunBoth references, the 5512 and the 5513 were being made for a long period, for Rolex's understandings. The 5512 was introduced in 1958 and it was being produced till 1978. The 5513 was introduced quite a while after the 5512, in 1962 and it was in production till 1989. Although today's prices of the replica watches suspect there aren't many around anymore, the complete production numbers need to have been very high.OriginalitySo far for exclusivity it might seem, but make an effort to fetch one out of an incredible condition. The majority of them happen to be serviced a few times, including polishing on the case which means that the sharp edges and so-called beveled lugs are gone generally. Also, over the years, parts will stop working and wish replacement. So you will view a large amount of modern-day bracelets on these replica watches, replaced clasps etcetera. A substitute bracelet isn't end around the world, but a replacement dial and hands are, specially in the eyes of the dedicated vintage Rolex collectors. It's really a couple of hundreds or even thousands of dollars whether a Rolex is still original and unpolished you aren't.Rolex Submariner 5512Chronometer and Non-ChronometerAlthough many Rolex collectors care more about the aesthetics in the watch when compared to its technical specifications, both models have seen different movement calibers over the years. The Rolex Submariner 5512 and Submariner 5513 started both out with a Rolex caliber 1530 movement. The initial ref.5512 appliances became available wouldn't bear the chronometer (Superlative Chronometer Officially Certified) writing within the dial, and in actual fact were not chronometers by any means. Down the road, the ref.5512 Submariners were furnished with a chronometer certified caliber 1560 and 1570 movement, bearing the chronometer writing within the dial (so-called 4-line writing).Chronometer writingMinimal DifferencesThe ref.5513 Submariner was introduced which has a caliber 1530 movement as well, but was furnished with another non-chronometer caliber 1520 movement quickly after its introduction (1963/1964). Variations in these movements are quite minimal, the top change came with enhancing the caliber 3xxx movements, many years later.Both replica watches are incredibly desired, but once it depends on the differences, they're marginal after you have a look at the specifications with the watch. All movements employed in these replica watches were based on the base caliber 1530 eventually. The finish from the movement, case, bracelet are typically equal . This is the reason I previously stated that most Rolex collectors tend not to care much concerning this technical stuff, but rather focus on the aesthetics of an watch. Nothing wrong your certainly, even so the slightest alternation in font, color, bracelet type or whatever detail increases or lessens the value with significant steps. Then come can decide regardless of whether you really care for many used typography, alignments, writing etcetera.Rolex Submariner 5513The Last Significant ChangesThe Rolex Submariner 5512 ceased to happen in 1978, and also the ref.5513 Submariner kept occurring. The Rolex Submariner ref.1680 (in truth a 5512 having a date and cyclops) was kept into production though. In the early 1980s (+/- 1983), the dial in the Rolex Submariner 5513 changed significantly, as white gold or platinum rings were applied round the hour markers plus the finish with the dial changed in the typical matte into a high glossy finish. The successor on the Rolex Submariner 5513, the reference 14060 (1989) was essentially a similar watch, but a substitute movement, caliber 3000 plus a sapphire crystal. It had not been until 2008 when Rolex introduced the Submariner reference 14060M with a chronometer certified movement and 4-line printing. We did an in-depth write-up about the Submariner reference 14060M here (and you will probably enjoy it).Rolex Submariner 5513Which Vintage Submariner To ChooseOne could say the Rolex Submariner 5512 is a lot more sought-after (therefore higher priced) compared to Rolex Submariner 5513 with the production numbers, which often can be true. It can no less than sound more logical as opposed to indisputable fact that it could be more sought-after mainly because it includes a chronometer-certified movement.What Matters To YouIf you might be having doubts if they should decide upon for Rolex Submariner 5512 or perhaps a Rolex Submariner 5513 best tag heuer replicas , don't forget what's imperative that you you: exclusivity (less ref. 5512 Submariner replica watches produced as opposed to ref.5513), the 4-line dial due to the chronometer certified movement rather than a 2-line dial or a and also simple dial for instance.  A ref.5513 Submariner in good and original condition starts around 5000 Euro but quickly become more expensive for older (and all original) replica watches. A ref.5512 in good and original condition - without box and papers - start for approximately 10.000 Euro, watches easily.A few things i Would DoIf it was around me, money is a dilemma (as it always is), I would go for a Submariner ref.5513 in excellent. I enjoy the clean dial and both references without a date window and cyclops provide me precisely the same look & feel. I don't look after the four lines around the dial, and only '200ft/600m' and 'Submariner' is a useful one for me personally. Prefer a basic vintage sports watch, this is because basic mainly because it gets with Rolex.Collecting Rolex Submariner by MondaniA Bestseller Within the SubjectWant to know everything with regards to the Rolex Submariner (and Sea-Dweller) line-up? Guido Mondani wrote a great book for this subject. The latest edition of this book is actually for sale with the interesting discount of 40%, and so the price are going to be approx. 250 Euro (excluding shipping). A good investment definitely worth it, as being the slightest mistakes with the purchase of an antique Rolex Submariner can (all of which will) run you considerably more. Go here for more info about it book oyster perpetual rolex .Additional information about Rolex is found here.*This article was originally published on October 7th 2010, but continues to be revised and updated. In addition we replaced all previous images with new images of Rolex Submariner 5512 and 5513 replica watches. The data on Mondani's Rolex Submariner book have also been updated. Rolex Submariner 5512 Rolex Submariner 5513 Chronometer writing Rolex Submariner 5513